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About Us

Technology galore is a technology company that provides all computer needs and accessories to private individuals, small and medium sized business, and corporate organizations. With vast knowledge and over 10 years experience in the computer components and hardware industry Technology Galore can take on any challenge.
We focus on providing the best quality of IT hardware and software with ease to our numerous customers, which has led to irresistible patronage of our expertise. We deploy, support and provide solution in collaboration with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Our specialty is ensuring an effective delivery of efficient results to satisfy our clients with modern technology. We give you the freedom to focus on daily tasks without the stress of maintaining your technology investment while maximizing its business value.
Aside from being a dependable company when it comes to getting the best and most modern deals, technology galore is flexible to travel anywhere in the world, where our friendly tech obsessed staff can help you make the most of your purchases as well as helping with any IT support.



Bridging the gap between high production products and affordability

TG aims to develop a long-lasting value adding relationship with our customers, establishing and understanding their business needs.

Maintaining the highest standard of service delivery.

Adding superior value to our clients through "exclusive" practices.

Providing high quality products and ensuring adequate and constant supply of equipment & services.

Our success and future growth lies in the long term relationships with our customers, providing superior products and value-adding solutions whilst excelling in expertly fulfilling our commitments at all times.



To be a trusted and preferred supplier:

To small, medium and large corporate business, parastatals and government

Of business IT solutions and services.

In custom, flexible, efficient and innovative IT solutions


The customer relations program and methodology are based on realistic value-added activities and entail fundamentals such as:

A single point of contact for the customer.
The allocation of a customer manager who interfaces with the customer at various levels.
Additional second line service monitoring.
Constant customer satisfaction measurement.

The tailored customer relations program is a holistic approach that includes not only operational activities but also all relevant activities such as business development, financial strategy etc., According to the requirements and needs of the customer.



TG acknowledges the uniqueness of each of its customers. It approaches new agreements based on the following fundamentals such as:

Basic capacity such as infrastructure consisting of response centre, logistical supports, operations control etc.

Additional capacity to suit the tailoring of the specific needs of the customer

To enable the customisation of infrastructure to suit the specific needs of the customer, an engagement phase will serve as starting point before the implementation of the proposed project to thoroughly plan the implementation thereof. The end point will be a policy and procedure manual which will be fine-tuned as the process continues.



We value the importance of a customized support infrastructure as part of our service delivery process. No project is too big for us.



-           The supply of hardware and outlying equipment customized to suit customer needs both in terms of configuration and/or brand
-           Hardware maintenance on a contract or once off basis at guaranteed service levels.


Network planning including an inventory requirement listing.


Optic and wireless technologies.

Commissioning of the network.

Network management either on an ad-hoc basis or by providing skills on a full-time or on a part time basis as required




TG offers quality driven services which include partial and total outsourcing comprising of:


IT infrastructure management

Mail and domain administration

Server and desktop support

Monitoring and preventative maintenance

Hardware peripheral support

Software design, development, maintenance and support

Database administration

Printer maintenance

Storage solutions

Backup solutions

Data recovery

Security solutions



TG maintains and repairs all computer hardware, output devices and office machinery on a contractual basis or as per request depending on the customer's specific needs.



1.      Computer support

Management of anti-virus and spyware protection

Data backup to your own servers and online to our secure data centre.

Microsoft patches and service packs monitored, downloaded and installed by TG.

Spam control, to reduce the nuisance and wasted time caused by unwanted email.

In addition to these essential computer maintenance services, TG has got you covered if you need:

Onsite computer repair

In the event that a problem cannot be solved by remote access, TG offers full onsite computer repair services. Our trained technicians will have your computer systems up and running again in no time.

Virus & Spyware Removal

Computer and Laptop repairs

Buying / Upgrading a Computer

2.      .  Server and Network Support

3.       Monitored backups & data protection

4.        IT Network Security and Firewalls

5.       IT Computer Consulting Services

6.       IT Assessment and Network Audit

7.       IT Support Contracts 

Backup Monitoring

Business Continuity

Computer Maintenance

Bandwidth Monitoring

Server Maintenance

Managed Security

Vendor Management

Product Purchasing Assistance

Consulting and Project Planning


8.      .  Network Cabling / Wireless Networking

Structured Voice & Data cabling installations

       TG offers Network Cabling, Wireless Networking & Fiber services

       Wireless Networking installations for buildings, offices and warehouses

       Fiber Optic Networking

      IP CCTV camera systems and Access Control installations 

9.         CCTV Installations

10.     IT Training Courses


Value Added Services

  1.   Cloud PBX Provider - Hosted PBX

  2.  MS Exchange & Google Apps

  3.   Office 365 Business

  4.  Cloud Security Scanner

  5.   Cybersecurity

  6.   Managed Encryption

  7.   Vulnerability Assessments

  8.   Internet Connectivity

  9.  Fibre - LTE - Wireless

  10.  Rent to Own - IT Financing (Coming soon)



TG works closely with the suppliers to ensure that the customer gets the best products and up-to-date it options and solutions. Tg will not sell to its customers any products that have not been tried and tested and will ensure that the products and services provided are useful, relevant and match the customer’s needs.

TG believes in practicing honesty and transparency in all its business activities. We are also flexible and willing to adapt approaches to better suit the needs of our customers but still remain ethical in our conduct.


Supplier brands:

Brand new/refurbished

Custom build





Lenovo/ ibm





Konica Minolta


TG is a level one (135% B-BBEE procurement recognition)